Nvidia is a company that makes chips for high-end computers, tablets and cars, but are looking to expand into a new market and launch a newly created video game console, called the Shield. In addition to the standard functions that all video game consoles have, Nvidia believes that theirs will stand out from competing products due to the fact that it utilises a combination of software from Google and Nvidia.

The Shield will use Android TV with Nvidia’s Grid service, which enables games to be streamed over the internet in the same way that movies and television programmes are streamed. This combination of exciting technology will provide a gaming experience that bigger competitors, such as Sony and Microsoft, simply won’t be able to compete with. The industry currently earns an estimated $77 billion in sales each year, so it is well worth trying to break into this market.

New Video Game Console from NvidiaWhen it comes to video games, consumer tastes have been changing and the market has recently seen many alternative video game consoles being introduced, only some of which have experienced success. The demand for smartphone games is also hugely increasing, and Nvidia believes that they will be able to meet this demand with their new console. Combining the addictive quality of smartphone games with high end technology will create a device that is truly unique to the market.

The Shield will be powered by Nvidia’s X1 processor, which performs well and was originally created to produce high quality and sophisticated images on mobile phones. Similar to a mobile phone, the Shield will come with 16GB of storage.