New York has always been the city which people wanted to live in but the recent research revealed that it is not that much easy to live in New York due to experiencing a mental problem like one of five New Yorkers. The research also revealed that most of these people are not even aware of their problems and do not willing to receive any treatment which may make everything worse in the city in the near future. These mental problems include substance abuse i.e., drug addiction, suicidal attempts along with thoughts in millions of people. These people make the 8 percent of the total population.

Each New Yorker from 5 Has Mental ProblemsThe city that never sleeps is in trouble, as new reports found that 1 In 5 New Yorkers have mental issues and many of them do not seek help. The research included conditions such as depression, suicidal thoughts or attempts, or substance abuse.

Researchers from NYC’s Department of Health found that 8% of the city’s total population suffers from depression each year. And yet, only 40% of them seek treatment, which means that more than half live without proper care. These issues stretch out from teenagers to young adults, and then later on may still cause consequences as an adult.

Reportedly, around 73,000 public high school students admit themselves to feeling “sad” or “hopeless” every other month, and around 8% of them attempted suicide. The statistics remain worryingly high even for college students in New York. After polling 1,000 students at the City University, 26% reported anxiety, and 19% had depression symptoms.

And yet, only 10% actually seek help.

Substance abuse also holds a high place among the worries and strain on the city’s financial situation. The researchers report that more people die of accidental drug overdose each year than homicide or car accidents. It leads to premature deaths in many teenagers and young adults. Alcohol abuse is not much better, with around 1,800 deaths per year in NYC.

According to the team of researchers, the problems see to a few differences regarding ethnicity and economic state. For example, Latinas struggle the most with suicidal thoughts, and African-Americans are more likely to suffer from the long term symptoms of various mental issues. This is due to the fact that they tend to get help much more rarely than whites.

The problem is also apparent in mothers. While 12% of them admit to depression after having a child, the numbers raise to 20% if they’re in an unstable financial situation.

The problems are in the target of the Department of Health, and the mayor will reportedly fund the effort with $386 million for mental issues. One of the purposes is to help better track disorders in children and young adults, which may still affect them later in life. According to the researchers, the first few years of life have a significant effect on potential mental disorders.

Ranging from problems such as domestic violence, abuse, neglect, financial strain, or divorce, all could indicate future mental health issues.

The costs are also high for the city. Depression leads to $2.4 billion losses in productivity for NYC, and to costs up to $6 billion due to alcohol abuse. Not to mention it places a strain on population’s lifestyle and endangers their lives.