A major change in life all over the world will occur as mankind is forced to switch to clean and renewable sources of energy.

All other technologies that mankind has developed over the last two or three centuries have relied upon cheap fossil fuels — coal, oil and now natural gas. The cumulative harmful effects of these fuels have now been proven. Mankind will soon — over the next five to ten years — be left with no choice except to adapt to cleaner technologies to power life; that adaptation may take another decade.

While this worldwide energy revolution is not in the same ‘glamour’ category as AI, robotics, nanotechnology or space travel, it will have a much bigger impact on human life.

What is the Next big thing in Technology That is Starting Up Just NowAny serious student of technology should, IMHO, keep up with what is happening — and also what is at stake. A new report on this subject was released today by the World Meteorological Organization.

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Picotechnology (1000 times smaller than nano tech)


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Recent nobel prize in chemistry was given to nano machine fundamental part designers right… It’s the beginning… of new thing.