The so-called planet that would end with life on Earth this September 23.

Many people over time have ensured that the end of the world has arrived. Thousands of people affirmed that with the arrival of the new millennium humanity would end, then when nothing happened, as expected, came new theories that related Mayan culture and its calendars to the end of the world.

A new theory suggests that this September 23, 2017 the end will come definitively. The reason? A planet named Nibiru would collide with the earth causing a fateful end. This theory has been fed throughout history, the only real and verified scientific level we have is what NASA says.

According to the US space agency, Nibiru does not exist, so a coalition that ends the world is categorically ruled out.

“The planet in question, Niburu, does not exist, so there will be no collision. The history of Niburu has existed for years and is recycled periodically in new fables apocalyptic,” makes clear the US space agency in an update of a statement on the another end of the world that emerged in 2012.