Nintendo Announces Plans to Release Smartphone GamesNintendo has been a company that has resisted entering the mobile gaming market for some time, but this is now set to change. The company has announced that they are going to be teaming up with DeNA, a large Japanese mobile gaming company, and will be creating new smartphone games based on existing Nintendo characters. Nintendo released a statement saying that the two companies will be jointly operating new gaming applications featuring Nintendo intellectual property, developing these games specifically for smartphone devices.

Rather than using games that Nintendo has already created for other devices, such as the Wii U home console, new original games, that have been optimised to function on smart devices, will be created, ensuring that the quality of the gaming experienced is never compromised. Although Nintendo has flirted with mobile gaming in the past, with a Mario-themed version of a popular Japanese game that will be released later this month, they have never fully committed to a serious venture like the one with DeNA.

Nintendo will not be giving up on its dedicated gaming systems, and has also announced that they are developing a new console, which has been codenamed NX. No more information has been released and the console is still in its early stages of development but Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo, hopes that the company will have more details to release next year.

Nintendo and DeNA are also planning to release a cross platform service, which can be used on Nintendo devices as well as smartphones and other devices, which will be launched this autumn.