After analyzing the components of the SNES Classic Mini, it is confirmed that Nintendo has reused the same technology in its new console, which has the same hardware as the NES Classic Mini.

Most of us are nostalgic and that is noticeable in many areas, including the market. Retro is fashionable and those who have lived for decades are happy to relive those wonderful years. Brands like Nintendo are knowing how to take advantage: the Japanese company experienced a great sales success with the NES Classic Mini, so it did not want to let the fever go by and will put the Super Nintendo Classic Mini on sale from tomorrow.

Nintendo has used the same hardware in the NES and the SNES Mini

Nintendo has not complicated its life to produce its new miniature console and has maintained the same technology that we could see in the mini NES last year. The exterior appearance and video game catalog are different, but the heart remains the same: a SoC Allwinner R16 with four ARM Cortex A7, an ARM Mali 400 MP2 GPU, a 256 MB DDR3 memory module and 512 MB of NAND storage .

The difference between the NES Mini and the SNES Mini is found in the emulation software of the Super NES, which once again runs on Linux. In addition, it not only emulates the console itself, but also a series of additional processors specific to some games, such as Yoshi’s Island or Super FX and its sequel Super FX2; CPU SA1 for Super Mario RPG and Kirby Super Star; and additional NEC DSP-1 hardware for Super Mario Kart.

By sharing the same hardware, production of both consoles is much easier for Nintendo. For this reason, the Japanese company has recently confirmed that it does not finally cancel the production of the NES Mini and that you can buy it in stores next year.