Nintendo Minute Kit and Krysta introduce us to the Seaside Kingdom

Every time is missing less for the debut of Super Mario Odyssey, so Nintendo continues to show even more content of the game. For that purpose, the last episode of Nintendo Minute focused on this title for Switch. Thanks to Kit Ellys and Krysta Yang we can take a look at Seaside Kingdom, one of the many worlds that Super Mario Odyssey will have.

Do not miss the new gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey

The video, almost 8 minutes, shows this location that was revealed during the last Nintendo Direct. As its name indicates, Seaside Kingdom will have aquatic locations, as it is close to the sea. For the first time, Mario will remove his characteristic suit to explore this world in a swimsuit.

The gameplay shows again Mario’s new abilities, the possibility of changing clothes, as well as the photography mode that will include the title. As if that were not enough, we have the opportunity to see one of the chiefs waiting for us in Seaside Kingdom. Without more, I leave the video below:

If you plan to purchase this title, it is worth remembering that it will have a performance of 60 fps solid in the portable mode of the console, as well as in TV mode of Switch. Its resolution will be 900p inside the base and 720p outside it. On the other hand, keep in mind that you will need 5.7 GB of free space to be able to purchase the digital version of the game.

Super Mario Odyssey will debut in Switch on October 27. Visit this link for more news related to it, such as details of the special switch bundle.