The day of the release of the beta version of a new Mozilla Firefox, which contains a reinvented and modernized engine, arrived. This version, number 57, is called Firefox Quantum.

Now Available Mozilla Firefox Quantum Beta for Developers

Firefox Quantum comes with four important pillars:

– It presumes to be 2 times faster than what Firefox was just a year ago (results vary according to the computer and the applications we use). Quantum uses a super fast CSS engine programmed in Rust.
– It says consume about 30% less RAM than other browsers.
– It has the new Photon design, faster and more fluid.
– It has Pocket integrated, the application that allows to save pages and videos.

The Quantum project was announced in October last year, an attempt to create a new generation engine for modern computers, betting on speed. During 2017 they have made Firefox able to run multiple processes, balancing speed and memory utilization, and have launched innovative add-ons such as WebAssembly and WebVR for Virtual Reality. Here they compare Quantum with Chrome.

Firefox will automatically update on November 14, but you can now download in beta for the computer, Android and iOS. Developers can download the version with specific tools.

There are still a few weeks left for the stable release, but it is possible to test it in its beta version.