Restriction of cooperation, identification of personnel: U.S. intelligence expected to mirror information with harsh reactions, after it was revealed that she bugged the phone of the Chancellor. The reluctance of the German surprised her.

American intelligence agencies are surprised by “Hesitant responses” of the Germans after the bugging of the U.S. Authority NSA on Angela Merkel’s phone became known. This emerges from an internal memo of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), which is the mirror.

Therefore, the US side was expecting a “tough response” and with a “short-term temporary restriction of cooperation”, or the “expulsion of US personnel” included. In the opposite case of a German spy in the United States, the Americans would react differently, according to the BND paper: the U.S. side would “with hard intelligence sanctions against Germany proceed”.
The endorsement of the BND was formed on 26 November 2013. a few weeks earlier had the mirror revealed that the NSA had intercepted a phone to the Chancellor.