Obama Condemns Ferguson Shooting of PolicePresident Barack Obama of the U.S. denounced the shooting incident at the racially charged Ferguson, Missouri, in which two police officers had been injured, and termed it as a criminal act while the police mounted vigorous search for shooter(s). President Obama while speaking for a television programme entitled “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday late night admitted the violation of civil rights of the African-Americans, and highhandedness of police in the suburbs of St. Louis, however, he added, there was no room for criminal acts.

Two police officers were shot in the wee hours on Thursday as a demonstration going on since Wednesday outside the Ferguson police station was breaking up. A 41-year old police officer of St. Louis County was injured in the shoulder while another 32-year old officer belonging to Webster Groves was wounded in the ear. President Obama continued that the issue of improving relations between the community and the police should not be adversely affected due to this incident; nevertheless, those who fired the shots had been criminals, and they needed to be brought to book. He also added that those who “disregard and Disrespect” civil rights and law should be “marginalized”

The shooting incident took place within hours of the resignation of the police chief of the city in the backdrop of the report indicting police with racially biased policing. Protestors had gathered before the police station to demand more reforms. Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, referred the Thursday attack as “an ambush”, and an effort to sow discord between the community and the police. Earlier, Thomas Jackson, the Police Chief, had been the focus of accusation of racial discrimination, and became the sixth Ferguson official to resign in the backdrop of the Justice Department report.