Barack Obama landed on Wednesday evening in Tegel and met Chancellor Angela Merkel for dinner at the Hotel Adlon. Until Friday his farewell visit will provide for traffic restrictions.

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, the Ukraine crisis and terrorism: these are the main topics to talk about Chancellor Angela Merkel and the outgoing US President Barack Obama in the afternoon in Berlin. An hour and a half is scheduled for the meeting at the Chancellery. According to the Federal Government, the economic relations, the future of the planned EU trade agreement TTIP with the USA and climate policy will also be the topic.

Since this was a farewell visit, Merkel and Obama would also look back on the joint efforts of the past years, they said. The chancellor will officially welcome the still reigning president at 3:15 pm to his farewell visit, which will last until Friday. Both want to inform the public about the results of their deliberations at around 4.45 pm.

The outgoing US president has arrived in Germany for his farewell visit. In an article, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel emphasize common values.

US President Barack Obama has landed for his two-day farewell visit in Berlin. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the outgoing president to a dinner under the exclusion of the public. Before his departure to Europe, the US President had described the Chancellor as his “probably the closest international allies” of his eight-year term.

In a joint contribution to the economic week, Obama and Merkel warned the opening of the visit before a foreclosure of their countries in times of globalization. They are committed to the TTIP trade agreement between the US and the European Union and the agreed global climate protection targets. Obama’s successor, Donald Trump, rejects these projects.
Germany and the USA share the responsibility to protect a liberal way of life, wrote Merkel and Obama. “That is why we work together to ensure that international law and standards are respected worldwide.” The axis between Europe and the USA is the most important worldwide and must be maintained. Both together accounted for a third of world trade volume and almost half of the gross domestic product. “There is no doubt that both German and American employers and employees, consumers and farmers would benefit from TTIP,” she wrote. The agreement would help both parties to remain competitive globally. In the EU, it is no longer expected to be adopted by Obama before the end of the term of office.

Obama and Merkel Warn Against Foreclosure

No return to a world before globalization

“Today we are at a crossroads: the future has already come and there will not be a return to a world before globalization,” Merkel and Obama warn. Both governments are obliged to deepen the cooperation between companies and citizens – “the whole world community”.

The head of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany, Bernhard Mattes, warned not to give up TTIP. He hoped Trumps politics will not be as rigid as announced in the election campaign, the head of the Cologne Ford works the Handelsblatt.

It is the sixth visit of the American President in Germany. In 2008 Obama had been celebrated in the capital as a presidential candidate of tens of thousands of people at the Siegessäule. Last but not least the intelligence officers around the US secret service NSA ensured that the enthusiasm of the Germans cooled. In the face of Trumps entering the White House, wistfulness now spreads.

After the talks with Merkel on Thursday, Obama wants to spread the concerns of the European partners on Friday against a possible foreign policy withdrawal of the United States under Trump. To this end, Obama and Merkel will meet French President François Hollande, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and British Prime Minister Theresa May. According to diplomats, this is also about the Russia sanctions imposed during the Ukraine crisis.

Obama wants to meet Chinese president

Obama will then continue to the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum (Apec) in Peru. He also wants to meet for a bilateral meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping on the edge of the summit in the capital Lima.

Before his visit to Germany, Obama had emphasized the importance of democracy and citizens’ responsibility in a principle speech in Greece. He assured that the US would continue to follow their allies. He condemned the Europeans to stick to the historic project of unification. He called on people to get involved in politics and to take the destinies of their own countries into their own hands. “It is not the task or the responsibility of anyone else but the citizens of our country and the citizens of the world to steer the course of history towards justice,” Obama said. The world needs “today more than ever a Europe that is strong, prosperous and democratic.”

Trump has announced that he wants to improve his country’s relations with Russia quickly. In the election campaign, the billionaire threatened to abandon allies in Europe if they were no longer able to defend themselves. He also threatened with the withdrawal of the remaining US troops, when the Europeans were no longer paying for the protection of the Americans.