Barack Obama, President of the U.S., has expressed his concern about ever increasing cyber crimes, and while addressing executives, called for closer cooperation in their efforts against hackers. It seems to have come against the backdrop of high-profile attacks on such organizations as Sony which was subjected to hacking in the recent past, and exposed the chinks in the cyber defenses of the U.S.

While addressing CEOs of the Silicon Valley and other financial services, Obama underlined the need for sharing information and experiences quick enough between the two and with the U.S. administration. He added that it was difficult for government alone to contain cyber crimes, and also, it was equally difficult for the private sector do the same alone. It was government, he said, that received the latest in this connection, so it required deep understanding and full cooperation among these all for effective control of crimes of this nature. Obama has accorded top priority to cyber security in his agenda, but many of the top brass from the tech world stayed away for their being at odds with the U.S. administration over the issue of government surveillance.

Obama Shows Concern over Cyber CrimesThe cyber attack on Sony had been particularly disturbing for the U.S. which accused North Korea of debilitating computers, stealing data, and conspiring to forestall the release of “The Interview”, a satire on the leader Kim Jong Un. The only way available to contain and forestall these kinds of cyber crimes against America, Obama said, is for industry and government to closely cooperate and work together. In an effort to mend fences with tech companies still sore about damages to their businesses due to the exposition of Edward Snowden about government surveillance, Obama met in the Silicon Valley with small groups of business leaders privately. Perturbed over lack of reforms in surveillance programmes, the CEOs of Facebook Inc, Yahoo Inc, and Google Inc did not attend the conference on Friday. However, it was attended by such tech giants like Apple Inc, PayPal, Visa, Intel Corporation, and many other financial services companies.