With reference to the potential presidential candidates of the Republican Party in 2016, talking about the welfare of the middle class, Barack Obama, President of the U.S. and a Democrat, hit out at them, and claimed to be the first to take up the cause of the middle class. The new programme is to rechristen each political party as the party of the middle class, he said while addressing to the Democratic National Committee and it drew laughter from the people attending the meeting.

Obama took exception of the outbursts of Rand Paul, Republican Senator of Kentucky, and Jeb Bush, former Florida Governor, both contenders of 2016 presidential post of the U.S., and readying themselves to succeed the present Democratic incumbent. While addressing to conservative activists in 2013, Paul had said that the Republican Party needs to be on the South Side of Chicago, a party of opportunities and jobs, and a party for the middle class. Obama, who calls South Side of Chicago to be his home, reacted to Paul’s speeches by calling him an interesting guy, welcoming him to South Side of Chicago, accusing him of shouting hoarse, and referring him as a friend.

Bush also has stressed the need for Republicans to find ways and means to reduce income inequality in a speech delivered at the Detroit Economic Club this month only. He added that Americans all over the country today were dissatisfied, and only a handful of them economically prosperous. He admitted on February 4 that economy had shown an upsurge, but he termed is too little and too late. However, Obama had other ideas on these issues, and he retorted at their outbursts with force, conviction, and magnanimity.