The choice of Donald Trump also creates uncertainty about the Pacific Summit in Peru. What course will the upcoming US president take? Barack Obama tried to calm down.

In his last major public appearance abroad, US President Barack Obama warned of a pre-trial of his successor, Donald Trump. “He does not expect the worst, hopes that the administration will do his job and work,” he said in Lima at an event with 1,000 students and young leaders.

After each election, there would be a sense of uncertainty. “It will not be the same as he ruled and how he has made an election campaign,” Obama tries to calm down.

In the end, a student wants to know from the US president what he advises young people. “Do not ignore the past, but learn from it,” Obama replies. Defending democracy. He had just been in Athens, the birthplace of democracy.

The uncertainty is also evident among the politicians participating in the summit. China’s head of state, Xi Jinping, said at a meeting with Obama, after Trump’s election, the relations between the two countries were a “decisive moment”. Washington and Beijing now need to focus on their cooperation, “” settle their differences, “and ensure a” smooth transition “in their relations, Xi said, hoping that the relationship between the two countries would” grow ” Election campaign.

At the opening of the summit, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski also warned of a foreclosure of the US economy. “It is important that” world trade is growing again and that protectionism is being defeated, “he said.

In his election campaign, Trump had expressed skepticism about free trade agreements. Planned free trade agreements such as the one between the US and the EU (TTIP) or between America and Asia (TPP) rejects it. In addition, he wants to protect the US economy with high penalties, for example, against competition from China.