In early times, Apple was very sensitive towards secret issues. If you didn’t hold an Apple employee badge, then you might not be shared the updates of latest launches. But if you are going to be a senator of White House, then things may come out differently. Being the US president, you are allowed to use the iPhone before anyone else uses it in the eternity.

David Axelrod, head of the campaign adviser of Barack Obama in the year of 2008, has been writing in his biography of politics. He briefly mentioned about a meeting between Steve Jobs and Obama and quoted that –
In the year of 2007, Obama got an overview of how iPhone would be in a secret meeting with Steve Jobs of Apple. Obama mentioned just after the meeting, “If it were legal, I would buy a huge stock of Apple’s iPhone. This is going to be a huge success.”

No doubt, the iPhone has been changed both in design and in functionality from that time. In the year 2007, the iPhone was only 2G, and not even a single third party app being provided what Apples’ iPhone offers nowadays. But it is fact that the basic concept of iPhone that was followed by many series of models was at that time – and moreover Obama appreciated that. What if the US government rules have prohibited him from using an iPhone from the time of the election.

As a reference it is important to know that at the time when Obama made a joke that he wished to have invested in Apple, Apple stock price was close to $14. And today due to publicity, it is more than 8 times over that.