After a long time there is a new Version of Microsoft Office for OS x. Microsoft has released the final version only for subscribers of Office 365, a commercial version to follow.

Microsoft has released a New version of Office for the Mac for about four years. Office 2016 was already longer than the beta version available, now Outlook and One Note is available the final version of the Office package consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Outlook 2016 for the Mac is there separately somewhat longer.

Currently there are Office 2016 X for OS but only for subscribers of Office 365. The home version costs around ten euros per month and allows the installation on five computers – also five tablets and five smartphones with the Office package may be played. Office is also available for iOS and Android. Who needs so many licenses, can complete monthly subscription for around seven euros. This allows you to only install on a device of each category.

Windows version comes later

Office 2016 for Mac is ReadyA Preview version of Office 2016 for Windows is already available, the final version should appear only in the autumn 2015.

The Ribbon menu of Office applications looks now like this for the Windows version. Microsoft relies completely on the cocoa’s object-oriented programming interface rather than as previously on carbon and has optimized the software for retina displays. There’s the full-screen representations of other Mac applications and a synchronization function with cloud storage services.

Office for Mac 2016 allows them together with other users, even if they use, for example, the Windows or iPad version.

New look and many improved features

In Word, Microsoft has improved look especially the comment function now clearly can view a conversation history. A navigation tree on the left side it helps you manage large documents.

A new animation feature built into PowerPoint, also in the area of transparency and in full-screen mode there are innovations. So, the presenter can see already the previous and the subsequent film. There is also a timer.

Excel now offers the same keyboard shortcuts as the Windows version, on request what makes work easier for users who switch between the two systems. There are improvements in the area of pivot tables. There are also in the Mac version, which restores the compatibility all functions of Excel 2013 for Windows.

Windows 10 customers have also spent 4.5 times as much on apps, movies, songs and other items from the Windows Store as Windows 8 customers purchased.
“We continue to be excited — and humbled — by the incredible response to Windows 10,” said Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Microsoft’s Windows division. “We are even more excited that these customers are loving Windows 10.”

Mehdi said Windows 10 has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any past version of Windows. He said the gap in satisfaction between Windows 10 and previous versions is “significant.”