Akhror Saidakhmetov was arrested along with other 2 Brooklyn men after the FBI presented an affidavit that showed that they were planning to join the fights by going to the killing fields. Akhror has been recorded to be spending most of his time online looking for beheading videos which occur in seizing the territory in Iraq.

What still barred Akhror from going to war was his passport from her mother. Their case is the first to be done publicly against New York City residents to join terrorist group abroad. They have permanent resident status.

Online Activities Betrays 3 Brooklyn Men planning to Aid ISISThe three have no prior criminal records, but their plots were viewed to be over fantastical.

Mr. Juraboev is accused of trying to join the Islamic state after posting about his discomforts at home. Akhror was accused of attempting to cheat her mother to let her go to Uzbekistan which he could use has cover to reach Syria. He was arrested by federal agents at Kennedy International airport.