The company has presented the television with the approval of film producers, who ensure that their films have the quality they wanted to see.

When the filmmakers produce a film they are always sure that one thing is the one we will see in the cinema and another one that will be seen on the television from home. But this is about to change, or at least that says Panasonic, which has launched a Smart TV with a 77-inch OLED screen and a technology that allows you to reproduce the image as accurately as possible to the original.

Panasonic launches 77-inch OLED TV that filmmakers will love

As Panasonic explained at a press conference, the new OLED EZ1000 series TV includes OLED 4K PRO technology and is compatible with HDR10 +. To this we must add that the video processing is more precise, because it combines the potential of the contrast and the color of the technology OLED so that the experience of Hollywood arrives until your television.

Renowned Spanish cinematographer Migue Amoedo, winner of the Goya Award – Los Oscar de España – for Best Photography Direction, explained that the potential of contrast and color offered by the Panasonic EZ1000 allows the creation of a more intense black and colors that really are more accurate and that are closer to those that were filmed films emitted in the cinema.

“Panasonic’s OLED technology allows the image you’ve created to retain all its contrast and blacks retain their purity, and the Studio Color HCX2 achieves up to twice the brightness and sets the gray values ??very precisely. which I find very interesting of the EZ1000 is the 4K resolution combined with the possibility of accessing HDR content, the sum of all this gives a creative level and share your work with the viewers that I think until now had been impossible, explained Amoedo.

Panasonic exposed some scenes of the Spanish film La Llamada that will be released next Friday and in which Amoedo participated. He explained in detail how the colors achieved in the film were reproduced with great accuracy on the television, something that will surely delight the filmmakers of Hollywood once the television begins its global marketing.