The company which popularized two great concepts – Kickstarter and Smart Watch in the gadget world, Pebble now comes with a brand new smartwatch called Pebble Time. The gadget also has its debut on Kickstarter today.

The new smartwatch comes with a slimmer and sleeker design and has a week-long battery life. It is also enhanced with a new software that focuses on giving you the information you need in one place.

The new smartwatch from Pebble focuses on ‘Time’ and hence the name.  Time being the gadget’s central guiding principle, your screen is updated with the most important notification depending what you want to know that is happening now or will happen in the future. Nevertheless, Apps will still exist including third party software.

Pebble introduces Pebble Time - The Smart New Gadget

20 percent thinner than the previous version, this new Pebble watch is built with greater emphasis on notification than on apps. Although touchscreen is a popular option for any Android Wear, Pebble Time has three physical buttons on the right side while one on the left.

Just like the original, Pebble Time also comes with water resistance technology so that you can wear it with ease during your swimming or shower sessions. Its stainless steel bezel is available in three colors. The watch uses Bluetooth technology for connectivity and comes with a microphone. This mic is used mainly for quick text replies. This new Pebble Time also uses the standard 22mm watch straps allowing you to alternate it with your favourite ones.