An announcement was made on the Thursday night by Oakland Raiders that they are planning to share the stadium with San Diego Chargers. The plan would execute if both of the NFL teams finds it impossible to get their hand on a stadium within their own hometowns.

As per the joint statement that was released by the two rivals, both teams are looking for the right Stadium site that is in Los Angeles, while they keep their search active for the stadium within their countries. Apparently both teams had been working for years to get their hold on the whole stadium solution, but so far none of them has faced any success.

A plan of $1.5 billion to get hold of a Stadium By Oakland Raiders

Investor group that is up-to making some huge development on the situation of the .co Coliseum complex, came up with a warning on Thursday that if the officials do not start the negotiation soon in the Alameda country, the Raiders are advised to leave. The work of Coliseum City project was said to be bit “straightforward” by the Floyd Kephart, who is lead executive at the City Development. He further added while talking to West Oakland Commerce Association that they do not share the same feeling from the Alameda Country. He further added that it development plan should be completed within few months else Raiders will have to leave but it would be tragic to see them leave empty handed after doing a lot efforts.

Alameda Country had made almost over $2 billion above participation in the project of the Coliseum City and the plans include a sports stadium.