The National Basketball Players Association got its first vice president on Friday when LeBron James was elected for this coveted post, the second most powerful position next only to the president Chris Paul, as per Yahoo Sports which was informed by the league sources.

As per the sources, Paul had been egging on James to shoulder responsibilities in the executive committee of NBPA in a senior position for some months. James finally offered himself as a candidate for consideration in the union meeting on Friday in New York held to elect a new executive body. He was elected the vice president on Friday afternoon when the players’ representatives of NBPA voted to elect a new executive committee members.

Players’ Union Gets the First Elected VP in LeBron James as Per the SourcesThe NBPA has been struggling to provide a new shape to the organization under the stewardship of Michele Roberts, its new executive director. In this regard, an idea was undercurrent to draft senior and prominent players for top positions in the union. James’ election as a vice president is in line with that idea. James was initially not in favor of involving himself in the union activities, but on being pushed, he decided to shoulder responsibilities. With his elevation to the post of vice president, the union will be energized and would gain in confidence. A labor showdown is expected in 2017 between the NBPA and NBA, when both will get an opportunity to opt out of the present agreement on collective bargaining. The executive body of the union will play a crucial role in the future of the club and the game.