The police of Myanmar beat several students, monks as well as journalists with batons and also detained around 100 people on Tuesday. As per a Reuters witness, this happened when the police force broke up the protestors who were calling for an academic freedom.

More than 200 students and supporters are protesting against a bill of education which according to them will stifle the academic independence. The protestors planned to take a walk from Mandalay to Yangon, but were disrupted by the police force in Letpadan which is about 140 km north of Yangon.

Police, who fired slingshot at the protestors, said that they would allow the protestors to continue their march on Tuesday, an agreement that eventually fell apart.

The Police Beat Students, Journalists, Monks in MyanmarYangon has already witnessed several student led demonstrations including the pro-democracy movement in 1988 that was initially spread all throughout the country before the military government suppressed them brutally.

The European Union delegation has vilified the crackdown and expressed their regret in a statement regarding the use of force in a peaceful demonstration. The Delegation of the EU is currently training the police in crowd management.

No comments from the police or government spokesmen were available but the Information Ministry has put the blame on the protestors by publishing photos on Facebook