class=” wp-image-2486 alignleft” src=”” alt=”Pope Francis In Rome Condemned Twin Attacks on Churches in Pakistan” width=”418″ height=”255″ />On Sunday, Pope Francis condemned the twin suicide attacks on churches in Pakistan, and charged the international community with trying to downplay or conceal tyranny against, and torture of, Christians.

The Pope told after the weekly Angelus prayer in Rome that it  caused him immense pain to know persecution of Christians by terrorist attacks on two Christian churches in Lahore, Pakistan, that have  left “numerous” persons dead and injured. He added that there were Christians and Christian Churches that were being targeted, and lives of those believing in the Christianity were being destroyed. He further implored God and prayed that these types of incidents related to persecutions of Christians all over the world stopped, and there was peace.

The spiritual leader of Roman Catholics of the world, Pope Francis, have been consistently condemning violence against Christians in Syria and Iraq, and other regions of the world perpetrated usually by Islamic militants. At least fourteen people have been reported killed and over 70 injured when suicide bombers having allegiance to Taliban terrorist outfit attacked two churches in the Lahore city of Pakistan on Sunday. The Jamaat-al-Ahar, a terrorist faction of Pakistani Taliban, owned responsibility of the twin attacks on churches in the Youhanabad area of Lahore city at around 11.30 am. The bomb blasts led to panic and anger in the region, the home of tens of thousands of Christians. At the height of emotional frenzy, two men suspected to have caused the blasts were captured by the mob, lynched, and set their bodies on fire, as per the police sources. The TV footages showed a number of stick-welding men, most of them, belonging to the Christian community attacking and ransacking bus terminal and other establishments in the city.

These bomb blasts have been the deadliest attacks on Christian minorities in Pakistan since September 2013 during which two suicide bombers had targeted All Saint’s Church in the city of Peshawar causing deaths to 127 people and injury to over 150.