class=” wp-image-1393 alignleft” src=”” alt=”President Jacob Zuma Facing Issues of No Confidence” width=”332″ height=”195″ />Today in the parliament, President Jacob Zuma came face to face with a motion which described to him that his people have absolutely no confidence on his leadership skills. According to the rumors, Agang SA brought this motion to the parliament and the word got to the court, which initially postponed the debate for good. The main demand of the party from the court was for them to make a decision whether Baleka

Mbete who is the speaker of the National Assembly was fit for the position or not. They also demanded that all of the parliament members should be given the right to vote whoever they wish for through a secret ballot system. This matter was ruled by the high court of the Western Cape and according to them, these matters were not that urgent as compared to the other more important incidents of the country and they can be discussed at some other time.

The African National Congress also agreed that there was no need to discuss a matter like this and giving it our attention is just a waste of time. In between this, the matter of no confidence was moving ahead. However, ANC is a major part of the Parliament, which means that a motion like this is bound to fail.