Nestle Purina PetCare Company has lawsuit filed against them by Frank Lucido earlier this month in California federal court claiming that one of their most used brand for the dog food is poisonous and kills people’s pets.

Lucido’s three dogs were fed on Beneful exclusive from Late December and were kept in different houses. One of the dog died by the end of January and the other dogs were ill and wild. The dogs had lesion on their saliva and internal bleeding as per the performed post-mortem. This was also same for over 3,000 complains with the Beneful toxins being blamed more rampantly.

Mycotoxin area harmful to dogs, Purina complains that the issues with Beneful are not of quality and they were misleading information in the social media, while Cereghino was interested in taking the case due to many complains.

Purina’s Beneful is Poisoning, Killing dogs, Claims LawsuitThe new filling is requesting for Lucido and others to be paid by Purina.

The settlement was open to any consumer whose pet may have eaten the dog treat products before a voluntary recall was issued in January 2013. However neither company ever admitted fault in the settlement, with Purina consistently saying tests detected no contaminants and that their treats were safe to eat as directed.

Regarding the recent complaints about Beneful, Purina said, “Like other pet foods, Beneful is occasionally the subject of social media-driven misinformation. On-line postings often contain false, unsupported and misleading allegations that cause undue concern and confusion for our Beneful customers.”

The new filing is asking that Purina pay Lucido and other members of the class action lawsuit unspecified actual, statutory and punitive damages and restitution.