The first child gets more care, much attention and affection from parents for obvious reasons. So when he or she grows up, he/she holds a definite point of view, self-independent, ambitious and organized. Normally, after a year or more of your first baby birth, your second one comes in your life. Suddenly you found that your first child, though little in size, yet became a grown up kid. And suddenly your expectation from him or her goes rising more and more. But one thing should be kept in mind that are we expecting from our first child too much? Isn’t that a burden for him? Can he do it? We should keep a balance between our expectations and his or her capacity.

Are We Pushing Our First Child to Grow up Too FastDr. Kevin Leman, a famous author of the book named ‘The Birth Order’ has commented that most writers are the first born child because of their self-esteem and independent attitude. They got more focused about what they want in life. In general, the first born kids become successful and renowned in their own sector. As an example, the names can be mentioned as Oprah Winfrey, Hilary Clinton, J.K Rowling, Beyonce etc. All are different person and born and brought up in different families, their financial and social status were different. Yet they holds a common situation, all of them were the first born of their parents.

Many parents simply learn from time and if they look back, they can realize what they have done and want to go back in past and resolve the errors. But that precious time will never arrive. So rather saying sorry to your grown up kid at their later age, it’s always better not to put extra burden or expectations from any of your child. Let them grow as their own way!