Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers said that the club offered “a wonderful deal for a young player who is 20 and is still developing”. Sterling’s current contract will be lasting for less than 18 months for now, but negotiations of the new deal have already been started and seemingly were crowned with success for both sides.

According to mr. Rogers, “(Raheem Sterling)… has made some great strides in the last couple of years but as I said he is now getting his reward for that and hopefully his representatives can find agreement with the club…The player is very happy and wants to continue working in the way that he has been.” In a case of the agreement, Liverpool gets the prolongation of having the young promising player and Sterling takes some new benefits that are still unknown to mass media.

Raheem Sterling is Extending His Liverpool ContractBrandon Rogers is showing that he is eager to keep Liverpool team the same as he wants to hold the best players on. It is already known that mr. Rogers is willing to prolong Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard’s contract which expires soon and, as he said, “We want to reward our best talents. They are a big part of our future and as I said we are confident that is in hand and will be agreed very soon.”

Let’s recall that Liverpool is on the 7th place at Team Ranking of the Barclays Premier League and, according to the club’s chief commercial officer Billy Hogan, has made “phenomenal” progress.