30 year old Ashraf Amrani was found dead on Friday on the roof of a block of flats in Paddington, West London. He is thought to have fallen to his death, and the case is being treated as an unexplained suicide. Amrani had previously spent 7 years in jail for sexual assault, where he filmed himself performing a vicious sexual attack on a woman, blackmailing her that he would release the footage if she reported him to anyone.

After Ashraf returned home from his time in prison, neighbours commented that there was increased friction within the families, and his mother frequently looked disturbed. She also claimed that she wished to return back to their native home, Morocco. Neighbours and friends spoke highly of the couple, claiming that they were both friendly and polite, although kept to themselves most of the time.

Rapist Suspected of Killing ParentsWhen the police went to inform Amrani’s parents of their son’s death, they were met with a shocking scene. Both of the man’s parents, Zohra and Hassan Amrani, were found dead in their home. The deaths are being treated as a double murder, with Ashraf Amrani being the only suspect at this time. Scotland Yard have confirmed that they are not looking for anybody else in relation to the incident. Just a few days before the deaths, Ashraf had been arrested for abusive behaviour towards his parents, but they bailed him out not long after.

The couple are also believed to have a daughter, Ashraf’s elder sister, who lives elsewhere and has a child of her own. Post-mortem examinations on Ashraf and both of his parents are due to take place soon.