Ukrainian rebel and armed forces fought fiercely near Luhanske, Ukraine for getting control of the strategic railway hub of the country at Debaltseve. This battle totally ruled out any possibilities of a peace treaty.

However, Ukraine officials have denied claims from the rebel, saying that the control of the town remains in their hand but acknowledged that some parts of it have been seized by the separatists.

Debaltseve remained the focus of fighting for the rebels because of its geographical importance. According, to the defense ministry battles raged there till Tuesday and many Government soldiers have been taken as prisoners. However, the number related to how many have been taken still remains unknown.

AP journalists were forced to retreat by the Ukrainian forces residing at Luhanske, a small village 10 miles north of Debaltseve. Therefore, the reporters were unable to provide updates on the fight.

The leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic was wounded by the fight and was taken to a nearby hospital around Luhansk. The Ukrainian presidential office urged the EU and NATO to condemn the actions of the rebels for violating the cease-fire agreement.Rebels backed by Russia claims to have captured the Town of Debaltseve

The Vice President of United States Joe Biden also condemned against the violations of cease-fire in the neighboring region.

The Ukrainian military spokesman Andruy Lysenko claims that the situation in Debaltseve is getting extremely complicated and turbulent by the hour. No parties are offering cease-fire until either admits defeat. He also said that as soon as the firing ends they will be ready to withdraw troops.