Yoan Moncada, a great 19-year old Cuban talent, has just joined the Boston Red Sox with a record signing bonus of $31.5 million. However, Moncada’s citizenship played a significant part in the deal because he could not get the same bonus if he was  born in America. As reported by Jesse Sanchez from MLB.com, this particular deal exposed the inequitable player entry system in baseball. As per the CBA or Collective Bargaining Agreement, MLB teams are not much financially restricted when they sign international players than they sign players born in the US or Puerto Rico. According to the current policy, an international player will earn more with their first bonus than a domestic player having the same talent. However, the Red Sox who has paid $63 million in total to sign Moncada will not be able to sign any new international player in the next period since they have already exceeded their spending pool of $700,000.

Moncada’s signing has revealed the flawed entry system of MLB draft as such system only benefits the owners who are able to keep the signing bonuses low. The MLB Players Association, however, allowed it to happen in order to protect their current members.

Mondaca is a wonderful talent and deserved to be signed with a record bonus earning which is why The Red Sox signed the youngster with a hefty price. The policy, on the other hand, is far from fair since an American born would not have gotten the same bonus- an inequity that must be addressed by MLB.