Following massive protests from the community, the controversial Ellen Pao of head of the reddit has abandoned their posts. She had most recently upset the community with Victoria Taylor’s dismissal.

Ellen Pao is off to continuous critique as interim boss of the online community reddit. Co-founder Steve Huffman return for the time being at the top of the company, reddit announced on Friday. Pao, who already was under fire because of allegations of censorship and personal criticism, sparked last with a controversial dismissal from a strike under moderators.

Pao fired Victoria Taylor, who looked after as a Director to the numerous presenters of the online network. These mostly volunteers are extremely important for reddit. The platform is with nearly ten thousand discussion forums and last nearly 164 million visitors in the month of one of the most visited Internet portals around the world.

Reddit Chairwoman Ellen Pao ResignsPetition against Pao with 200,000 signatures

For the controversial personal decision, but there was the user revolt already fully underway Pao apologized while just a few days ago . With a petition, which brought it to more than 200,000 signatures, the community demanded her resignation. If Taylor returns to reddit, is currently unclear.

Reddit President and investor Sam Altman thanked Pao in a forum post for their good work and explained that her resignation was a joint decision. She should be the management until the end of the year as a consultant to the page. Pao was only eight months reddit boss and has been committed from the outset as a transitional solution.

Pao was public recently because of a discrimination lawsuit against her ex – employer Kleiner Perkins reinforced the focus. She accused the Silicon Valley venture capital firm, promoted her career not reasonable, because she was a woman. The lawsuit was ultimately unsuccessful, but was in the United States and also in the reddit forums for heated discussions.