It has not been shown on live television, but there is a scar on the face of the President of South Korea “Park Geun-hye”, which runs from the chin to her right ear. The people who have met in person, says that you can clearly see the smooth scar through the fine layer of the President Park’s makeup. The scar was given to her in the year of 2006 when a local attacked her with a utility knife while she was on her campaign. On the day of Thursday another similar incident took place when the Mark Lippert, who is the US ambassadorto South Korea, was given heavy slashes on his wrist and face while he was in the capital of South Korea.

Results of the South Korean AttacksThe photographs which were taken on the spot, showed him holding the right side of his face. You can clearly see the blood in his left hand and the pink tie he was wearing for the occasion was splattered with blood as well. The department of US State has issued a confirmation of this attack and has announced that the injuries Mark Lippert received were not life threatening. According to CNN, he was given a total of 80 stitches on all the injuries. The spokesperson of the hosting group of that event has already expressed their shock and apology for this incident. However, after this attack, the security at events like these will be doubled and the people of South Korea should be expecting the US ambassador to pound on their streets in search of his attacker.