Drawing using the mouse to manage position and drawing zoom is not always a good idea. It is true that most professionals in this category use digitizing tablets, but there is still a device that helps to be more productive when designing.

With that idea in mind is born the Rev-O-mate, a kind of mouse that is having quite a success in kickstarter, surpassing already what he had asked to make it real.

As you can see in the video presentation of the product, it consists of a kind of upper wheel with several buttons on the bottom. With the wheel we can adjust zooms and turns, while the buttons can be configured to perform various actions, such as brush size, for example.

Rev-O-mate, a device for drawing from the computer

There is no need for a driver, it is plug and play. Any key, mouse click, joystick button or multimedia key can be assigned to the buttons, including multiple functions.

Rev-o-mate has support for many operations, such as scaling, rotation and brush size. And by using multiple profiles, Rev-o-mate can support different programs simultaneously, such as UPS, PhotoShop and ClipStudio. The lights at the bottom can help indicate the color we are using at work.

Made of aluminum, the wheel can rotate without limit, and is sensitive to touch.

It will be delivered from March 2018, and its price will be about 70 dollars.