Roger Federer is a man for the Protocol. The Swiss has clear ideas as to expire has a tennis match, it follows what rhythm, what should happen when. His facial expression between two ball change is as economical as his range of motion, as he prepares for the next point.

But above all, Roger Federer, 33, can be siebenfacher Wimbledon- winner, his opponent can’t wait. That does not belong to and would distract from the essential. Actually. But even a Roger Federer had a break now moments.

Five set balls Federer had worked out at the serve of his opponent Andy Murray in this twenty-second game, made hardly any mistakes, and but the Briton was escaped him each time. So, Federer did what he never does. He rushed to his chair, took a SIP of water: “I have inwardly screaming.” But even if he had done it out loud, in the collective WHOO!, ROAR and trampling of the audience he would have been not to listen.

This game about Federer philosophised in connection with great pleasure lasted fifteen minutes. “It was the perfect game no matter that I lost it. I had so many chances, but he defended great.” It was the culmination of an intense afternoon which only so then swept and at the end of Roger Federer for the tenth time in his career had reached the Wimbledon final (7:5 7:5, 6:4).

Roger Federer 3-0 Andy Murray FULL Highlights Wimbledon 2015 Video

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