Three tennis players, three golfers, two basketball players and a cricket players are the stars of advertising in sports. All deserve more than FIFA World Player Cristiano Ronaldo, the favorite on Facebook with sponsors.

DüsseldorfDie economy needs outstanding ability in sports. In individual sports such as golf or tennis recruiters are apparently better find it than in team sports such as football or baseball. Not so important, it is whether the athletes celebrating current successes. As long as he has the aura of a hero as before.

Income figures gathered by the magazine “Forbes” for the period 2014/2015 paint this picture. Estimated were not only the content and the prize money of 100 top athletes. Moreover, Forbes collected data through other grants, so revenue from advertising and sponsorship.

Not a boxer, but also not a footballer, but a tennis player is surprisingly at the top of this list. Roger Federer, who again plays for the title at Wimbledon, reached $58 million, determined Forbes 2014/15 with advertising and sponsorship contracts. These are 87 percent of its total revenue. The Swiss is fifth on the list of the athletes who deserve the best.