Roger Federer has struggled in the finals of Wimbledon. His performance in the match against Andy Murray impressed – especially the Swiss themselves.

Roger Federer is a man for the Protocol. The Swiss has clear ideas as to expire has a tennis match, it follows what rhythm, what should happen when. His facial expression between two ball change is as economical as his range of motion, as he prepares for the next point.

But above all, Roger Federer, 33, can be siebenfacher Wimbledon- winner, his opponent can’t wait. That does not belong to and would distract from the essential. Actually. But even a Roger Federer had a break now moments.

Five set balls Federer had worked out at the serve of his opponent Andy Murray in this twenty-second game, made hardly any mistakes, and but the Briton was escaped him each time. So, Federer did what he never does. He rushed to his chair, took a SIP of water: “I have inwardly screaming.” But even if he had done it out loud, in the collective WHOO!, ROAR and trampling of the audience he would have been not to listen.

This game about Federer philosophised in connection with great pleasure lasted fifteen minutes. “It was the perfect game no matter that I lost it. I had so many chances, but he defended great.” It was the culmination of an intense afternoon which only so then swept and at the end of Roger Federer for the tenth time in his career had reached the Wimbledon final (7:5 7:5, 6:4).

Roger Federer 3-0 Andy Murray FULL Highlights Wimbledon 2015 Video

What you will remember when Federer

On Federer’s game amazed at how many of his beats are iconic and will live on in their elegance. All great players of in tennis history have these a stroke will forever be associated with their game. If the Swiss for a very brief moment seems to float before letting fly a forehand out of reach the opponent passing. Or if he’s guarding his baseline almost effortlessly. Not by he any ball behind diving but simply by letting the attack strikes of the opponent’s bounce back with a flick of the wrist. It will be remembered.

But the blow that is usually overlooked collection of aesthetic exceptionalities in Federer’s is perhaps the most important of all: his serve. He is captivating in its simple elegance and carried out with ruthless efficiency, the reason for Federer in the old tennis age of 33 years will be able to play his attack tennis so uncompromisingly.

Three or four times you can usually tap the ball of the Swiss. While he goes to its knees, stretches through the back lands the ball throw, always in the same place. Only at the last moment, when Federer’s racket touches the ball, the opponent can read, where he will land. An enormous advantage in a sport that will be decided by fractions of a second.

Federer’s serve twenty, thirty km/h to the toughest Aufschl√§gern of the world are missing. But no one so perfectly placed the ball as the world ranking second. Himself one of the best return players in the world as it is without a doubt Andy Murray, could follow the result of this dominance on Friday often only look.

Federer was the rhythm its surcharges landed on the line or opened him fast attack opportunities. At the end of a very high number of Winnern for a really short match was 59. Even Federer, who is often shy from large comparison, called his performance “one of the best of my career”.

As always, Andy Murray was quickly rushed after defeats in the press conference. Not much time to reflect. But even after a long time not much would be left probably more him, accepting that everything with his stoic marbles, to acknowledge the power of the enemy. “He has pitched great. Of course it’s frustrating, when I didn’t even touch the ball with my bat. But I’ve played in between very well. This is already a very hard defeat.”

The Wimbledon tournament 2015 should actually be the culmination of a positive development for the British over the last twelve months. A year ago, Murray was eliminated as the defending champion in the quarter-finals.

By the British press, he was then attacked for his brave choice to a woman as a trainer, the former Wimbledon champion Amelie Mauresmo. He continued to faithfully, Mauresmo and played in this year again in the form. Murray seemed definitively behind him to have left his back problems, was on the way back after 2013 to be the biggest rivals of Novak Djokovic . “For me, Wimbledon is the best chance to win more Grand Slam tournaments, this is the best surface for my game. I played very constantly here,”said the Briton still borrowing before he left the interview room.

Despite the performance on Friday, Roger Federer looked on the final Sunday. The final between Federer and his opponent Novak Djokovic last year was only decided in the fifth set: “I remember how exciting it was to be, how much the audience went along part of such matches. But at the moment I’m just happy to be back in the finals. This is special again.”