Russell Westbrook, who has been known for his superhero efforts, will again be the center of a huge audience on the coming night of this Thursday. He will take Thunders of Oklahoma City face to face with the Chicago Bulls. Since Michele Jordan, Westbrook became the first player ever to make a triple of doublesin his career. He also became the very first player in the last 30 years to make 16 rebounds, 49 points and almost 10 assists in his games. According to Westbrook himself, this record is a blessing and to him, winning games back to back is the most important thing. He also says that the reason behind their victory is the compassion of his team and how they come out every night to practice.

Russell WestbrookTo recover from the injuries of the last game, Westbrook was wearing a plastic helmet which made him even closer to the myths and folks of a superhero. But despite his facial fracture, he was not lacking in his performance and his eye sight also seemed to be fabulous. However, he took some extra time as compared to Michele Jordan to make a triple double of his career to happen. After playing in Chicago, he will lead his team to play four more games in his home town. According to the coach of the Chicago Bulls, they will win the game through the collective effort of the entire team. Since, the Bulls are aware of the condition of the injured superstar.