The world’s largest career network is offline in the largest country in the world. Russia blocks LinkedIn because the company does not store its customer data on Russian servers. This affects more than six million users.

Russia is blocking the first major online network with LinkedIn. By the order of the media supervision authority Roskomnadsor the domestic internet offerers should block the access. This is to implement a court ruling, according to which the US company violates data protection laws, as Roskomnadsor communicated.
The careers network has more than six million registered users in Russia, including many companies on employee searches. The background is a law from 2014, which has not yet been implemented. It provides that websites that store personal data of Russian citizens must do so on Russian servers. This LinkedIn has not done after the representation of the authority.

As a reason, the censorship agency also stated that LinkedIn did not meet the requirement to store the data of Russian users in Russia. With the storage on foreign servers it had violated laws that had been in force for some time. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured journalists in Moscow that Roskomnadsor was in strict accordance with the law.

The law, which came into force last year, is mainly for providers of cloud and other online services. It requires companies that process data from Russian citizens to do so in infrastructure on Russian soil. With the amendment of the law, the Kremlin also responded to the acquaintance of massive NSA surveillance.

LinkedIn has now confirmed the blockade of its network. “LinkedIn’s vision is to create economic opportunities for all employees worldwide,” the company said. “We are starting to hear from members in Russia that they can no longer access LinkedIn. The blocking by Roskomnadsor denies millions of members the access we have in Russia. This also applies to companies that use LinkedIn for growing businesses. We are still interested in a meeting with Roskomnadsor to discuss their demand for data localization. ”

Russia has blocked Linkedin. Microsoft’s network of professional contacts is violating Russian laws, the supervisory authority said in Moscow.

Linkedin forbid data of Russian users on servers abroad. Representatives of the network hurriedly asked for a meeting with the Roskomnadsor authorities to clarify the situation, as news agency Interfax reported.

Linkedin has five million users, according to media reports in Russia. There are about one percent of users worldwide. The network had filed a complaint against the imminent barrier, but had failed twice in court.

Russia blocked career network Linkedin