China blocked Whatsapp recently, and it is now Russia that threatens to block Facebook in case they do not comply with their laws related to data storage.

This has been warned by the country’s chief of the Federal Communications, Information Technology and Media Supervision Service, Alexander Zharov, as they indicate in venturebeat echoing the news from

The RIA news agency said that the law is binding on all, and whether or not, the company will stop operating in Russia.

Russia will block Facebook if it does not comply with its laws

Zharov acknowledged that Facebook is popular in Russia, but it is not a unique service, since there are other social networks also very popular in that country. The law was adopted in 2014 and enforced since September 2015, and requires companies operating in Russia to store the personal data of Russian users or customers on servers physically located in the country, something that Facebook does not perform.

Companies like Alibaba, AliExpress, Apple,, eBay, Google, Twitter and Uber have already managed to transfer data from users of foreign data centers to Russia or announce ongoing projects to do so, but Facebook is still missing.

In November 2016 access to LinkedIn was blocked due to breach of the law, but with Facebook can generate much more noise among the population.