Fans and press were the first trailer to see on the comic-con Panel for “Deadpool”. And this triggered real enthusiasms. Actor Ryan Reynolds also spoke about the role of deadpool in the X-men universe movie.

According to the press, that saved “deadpool” team Director Tim Miller during the Fox Panel at Comic-Con, which was not held from 9 to 12 July 2015 in San Diego to entertaining verbal blow abtaeuschen. A good-humoured Ryan Reynolds let it to not take, to let go of ironic allusions to his animated, green suit as “Green Lantern”. Even the criticism of fans on the disappointing debut of deadpool in “X-men origins: Wolverine” was jokingly addressed. The character, who earned the nickname “Shiva with the mouth” in the comics because of its bawdy sayings and one-liners in the comics, was portrayed in mute. Now, the quick-witted hero in the first trailer finally came to hot anticipated comic book adaptation to Word and wowed those in attendance, fans and journalists. It is so to obtain at least the reactions which whirred in the connection through the social networks. Officially released the trailer has not been so far. All those who could not be at Comic-Con guest still have reason to joy. Ryan Reynolds Twitter announced that the “deadpool” trailer will be accessible to the rest of the world in three weeks:
As much as I want the #deadpool footage from #SDCC officially released, the VFX shots aren’t done yet. We have something for you in 3 weeks.

Ryan Reynolds about Deadpool in the X-men Universe and Celebrated Comic-con Trailer

-Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) July 12, 2015

First pictures of the minor characters in deadpool are another reason for the (pre) joy. “Game of Thrones” actor Ed Skrein, who played the role of AJAX in “Deadpool”, shared a rainy scene via Twitter and Gina Carano proves that she alias set has their colleaguesT.J..

Miller weasel as Angel Dust under control:

1st official image of #Ajax in #Deadpool #SDCC -Ed Skrein (@edskrein) July 8, 2015