Samsung is working hard to bring a lot of riddles this year simply to make a huge puff among youngsters for the launching of brand new Galaxy S6. Seho Park, the lead engineer of IT and Mobile, in a recent post in Samsung’s official blog has mentioned that new advanced facility addition over the past few years have made the technical side much swifter and faster. It is easier now to integrate things along with components. He closed his speech ending with that 2015 is going to be a year of blast in terms of mobile technology, and the new upcoming series is surely going to make history in the mass mobile production and selling business.

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Launching with Wireless Charging TechnologyBoth the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 supports wireless charging backup, but it has also some limitations. This year Samsung’s latest version will support wireless charging promptly along with support for a range of apps like PMA, Qi, WPC etc. The blog post also includes the success story of last year of incorporating multiple options into a single flaw which will be implemented within six months to one year time span.

Samsung not only making the wireless charging as an integral part of the smartphone, but also making it easy to use so that it can be charged with any charging tool kit available in the market. Wireless charging technology is going to be a huge blast as it will help the customers a lot. Now in future, Samsung needs to think of redesigning the smartphones with some new conception.