class=” wp-image-1352 alignleft” src=”” alt=”Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Unveils New Phones” width=”446″ height=”315″ />Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphones, which will be on sale in April, have been unveiled and have had major improvements made in a few key areas. Although the retail price has not yet been determined, excitement is building over the phones which are designed to look more sleek and stylish, and are sporting a top of the range camera.

Samsung’s previous phones, which had removable backs to make it easy to replace the battery if there was ever a problem, had a slightly cheap quality because of this. Now, with their new models, they have introduced a metal frame and a glass backing, making the phones look and feel like a quality product.

The S6 phones also have an amazing camera, which makes use of infrared sensors, which are normally used to track heart rates, to detect specific light settings and adjust itself accordingly. The camera’s focus has also been improved, as Samsung borrowed technology from its NX1 stand-alone camera. This means that even if the subject of your photo moves away or to a different position, the focus will still remain on the subject rather than turning into a blur.

Although the new design means that you cannot replace the battery, their new fast-charging technology means that you can charge your phone from zero to one hundred percent in just one hour. They also make use of wireless charging technology, meaning that rather than having to use cables and standard phone chargers, you will be able to simply place your phone on a special mat which will charge up the battery.