Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeIn addition, Samsung update on a curved slab on both sides for its Galaxy S7 Edge. We tested this screen-related features. If Knox new and better endurance of the latest smartphone of the mark shall bear fruit, Samsung expects especially much of its new 2-in-1 to attract professionals.

A little more than one year after the launch of the Note Edge, Samsung Galaxy continues his adventure with the curved screens. As the Galaxy S6 Edge, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge adopts a curved screen on both sides. Aside from the aesthetic objective, the South Korean manufacturer put on functionality allowing the user to take advantage. We tested the innovations that we have right this year.

Some external content

Mean everything, the Edge interface for curved screen of Samsung devices is not reinventing itself. It therefore retains largely the operation proposed by the Galaxy S6 Edge. In grazing the edge of the screen, it still has right to his five favorite contacts. Each is associated with a color, which will be displayed on the instalment at the time of a call. Useful to know who is calling when the device is placed facing the office.

Other elements complement the offered functions last year. Directly accessible applications pass five to ten, by creating a second column. Use, it can be useful and is similar to the creation of a folder always at hand. For example, it opted for a selection dedicated to social networks.

But there are also entitled to additional panels, offering new shortcuts. We enjoy among other things a “Quick tools” section which includes a compass, a rule and the torch. Also will be posted his schedule or even the weather. Above all, it is possible to download the content offered by third parties. At the time of writing these lines there are still little choice but you can for example enjoy CNN news wire.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2More customization

Samsung has also reviewed its copy for personalization. It is always possible to choose the position of the tab drop-down. In addition to place it to the left or right, you can now change its size and its degree of transparency.

Strangely, it is more possible to limit its presence to lock and home screens. Therefore, disable the function as a whole if we don’t want the tab when an application is open.

The lateral flow – a scrolling along the slice text – is for its part kept virtually in the same. On the other hand, night clock, remaining visible at all times along the curved portion of the screen, just disappeared. A choice which can be explained by the arrival of the Always On function, which displays already the time even when the screen is off.

Samsung complements the software offering to take advantage of his new curved screen device. It can still improve if external developers are playing the game, to offer always more content. As for its new interface TouchWiz, the South Korean has refined the previous version. Nevertheless, those who have not enjoyed the experience of the Galaxy S6 Edge should not be more convinced.

Galaxy S7 Edge, Tabpro S: the arsenal of Samsung to last Pro

Galaxy S7 Edge, Tabpro SThe launch of the smartphone Galaxy S7 and the 2 in 1 Galaxy Tabpro S is an opportunity for Samsung to return to professionals with a complete offer: a high-end smartphone on one side and a 2-in-1 tablet laptop equipped with Windows Professional 10.

If the Galaxy S7, available at March 11, differs from its predecessor with a better battery (3600 Mh, 41% more battery Samsung) and a more powerful processor, Samsung hope especially to transform the test with the new version of Knox, its embedded security tool.

Some advances for Knox

Knox used to separate private and professional work spaces. Therefore, better security, but also more memory required: both applications must be installed to operate in both spaces. For example, need to install two instances of Google Maps for use in personal space and professional space. What is not without questions of managing storage for the larger applications. Past this state of affairs, Knox and news could seduce many DSI.

New roaming by application management functionality for example should make the heyday of accounting CIOS of data volumes traded in companies. Similarly, the implementation of several user profiles on the same device, a practice in the area of retail for example, should allow to extend the perimeter of this tool which makes it waterproof applications and user data, whether it’s a private and professional framework, or here for multiple users. Knox 2.6 is also available for S6 models, and update for S5 should arrive in the coming months.