After many years of tug-of-war, Samsung’s folding mobile even received two certifications.

Many years ago the subject has been talked about and more than once, that theme was revived from the ashes. However, everything indicates that this time will come to something concrete. We talk about the so-called Samsung folding mobile: the Samsung Galaxy X.

One of the evidences that indicate to us that the idea of ??a foldable mobile already takes a few years within the pretensions of Samsung is this video. Give it a look!

Samsung Galaxy X Everybody Closer To Become A Reality

However and returning to the news in question, the mobile has been certified in South Korea by the National Radio Agency. The model code is the SM-G888N0. This certification adds to the already received in terms of Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to these data, it can be speculated that the Galaxy X will be at least announced before the end of the year.

One point to consider is the commercial name of the mobile. We know that the iPhone X was recently announced and it is very likely that Samsung will change that name. Anyway, we are alert to additional information that may be presented.