SAMSUNG GALAXY BENDING TESTThe new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge bends just like the iPhone 6 plus and probably every other smartphone at a certain load.

Samsung has responded to the video by SquareTrade and pointed out that the pressure that the Smartphones had to endure, are unrealistic. More than 30 kilograms are not to be expected in practice and both the S6 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S6 edge had been tested with 32 kg. This corresponds to the pressure needed to break five pencils at the same time.

Also the test suspending the Smartphone unilateral pressure, which also so don’t feel in practice, because the pressure then relates to front and back. SquareTrade have tested only the front and could lead consumers astray. Samsung wants to urge therefore SquareTrade, perform the tests again, to weigh on both the front and back, and then to publish the tests. Samsung has released a video of its own tests.

Oriignalmeldung: Probably it belongs now to the standard, to undergoing a stress test for new smartphones, is so extremely well never occur in practice. «After the» Bendgate «has taken care of the iPhone 6 plus for many headlines and appropriately mocking advertisements from Apple competitors, Samsung now has an own Bendgate.» The SquareTrade Web site has tested the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge quite impractical, where the Smartphone is exposed to strong pressure in the center of the display.

In this test, which gives iPhone 6 plus by Apple equivalent to about 50 kilograms pressure and also the case of the Samsung smartphones only bends at this load. But it can happen at the Galaxy S6 edge according to the test with this burden, that the curved edge of the display chips, and thus have the possibility of occurrence of broken glass. So seems to be the weak point of this special feature to which the pressure are unevenly distributed. In the extreme test with even more pressure, which ensures that gives the entire Smartphone complete with display, it was iPhone 6 plus also more stable than the Samsung model.

» Print «test winner was the HTC one M9, which kept out load after all, about 54 kilograms before the housing will bend. However, while the iPhone 6 plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge still work, if the housing is for the first time, was no longer usable due to a damaged power button your smartphone from HTC. Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S6 without curved display was not subject the test. During the excitement of the original» Bendgate «had for his Galaxy Samsung touch 4 edge still with the slogan» curved. Not bent «enlisted.