Scott Disick bought a $3.7m bachelor pad – in his name only – in Beverly Hills a few months ago while living with Kourtney and their children in her mansion in Calabasas. Now that Kourtney has dumped him, Scott is reportedly now moving to the pad which is not far from her home so he could be close to the children. Hopefully, they will reconcile.

A comment : When a man wants to ruin himself,by all means set him free.women carry too much burden.Kids,husband,career,inlaws,people like you and I that have no real clue about what is actually going on in homes yet offer unsolicited dumbass opinions as if we know this people personally.
Enjoy your stay Scott.lets see how many of these people will stay around you once your few minutes of fame is over and the cameras stop rolling and the free drinks dries up.

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