class=” wp-image-1293 alignleft” src=”” alt=”Does Scott Walker have the capabilities to the White House” width=”351″ height=”234″ />For the third time in a raw, Paul Rand have conquered the CPAC’s presidential straw poll. Wisconsin Governor is viewed as the biggest winner after he was the second strongest. He was viewed to be the strongest young challenger to both the democrats and the mainstream Republicans.

In the national political stage Walker is viewed to be the shiny and the new object within figures and viewed to be highly prominent in the political stage.

Walker is also given attention to be the Real Clear Politics polling average and they put walker just ahead of Bush.

Walker showed is prowess by doing what presidential speak normally do when he was at the CPAC. The exposure of walker to presidential politics have been associated with tumbles. Walker was seen to avoid press on commenting on evolution question.

When Ron Paul ran for president, he had some GOP primary and caucus victories but he still remains an outlier among the hopes of the party.