Two inmates at the Cornton Vale prison in Stirling, Scotland, were given a day pass for 3 hours so that they could go to the cinema with a former inmate to watch the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. One of the inmates was Roseanne McCreadie, 34, who is serving a nine year sentence for helping her father, a gang member, to smuggle heroin into Scotland. The other inmate was Kim Gray, 47, who has currently completed less than a year of her 40 month sentence for a near-fatal assault.

The two inmates were taken to the Vue Cinema in Stirling, by former inmate Louise McLachlan. The three of them had met whilst they were all incarcerated together at Cornton Vale. McLachlan boasted about the trip on Facebook, informing McCreadie that she had purchased VIP tickets for the three of them. McCreadie had only just returned from a week’s release when she was given the 3 hour day pass to go to the cinema.

Scottish Prisoners Released for the Day to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey at CinemaConservative MSP Margaret Mitchell spoke out to The Sun newspaper about this, claiming that due to the serious nature of the inmates’ crimes, being let out to go and see a movie was simply unacceptable. McCreadie’s heroin smuggling crime was part of a smuggling ring that stretched from Liverpool to Scotland, and she was arrested with 13 others. Together, they were given a total of 152 years in prison. Gray’s crime of near-fatal assault was also extremely serious. She stabbed a 60 year old taxi driver in his back when he got out of his taxi to go and pick up a passenger. The motivation for her attack is unknown, but it caused the driver to suffer a near-fatal heart attack.

A Scottish prison spokesperson was contacted about the issue, but has stated that they are not able to comment on individual prisoners.