Patna: Former chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar after calling his last years quitting stunt as “A Mistake” hopes to get back in the former position.

With apologies, promise to lead from the front and resignation of his only rival  Jitan Ram Manjhi Nitish Kumar is favorite to become the CM again

Mr. Kumar is also hoping to prove his majority in Bihar assembly upon governor Tripathi’s green signal.

Mr. Kumar’s public apology mimics that of Arvid Kejriwal when he was in preparation of Delhi election. Mr.Kejriwal in similar fashion had asked for people’s forgiveness for quitting his seat as CM in mere 49 days into his term. The apology had the desired effect when the AamAadmi party won a staggering victory to instill them in government once again.

The predecessor in CM’s seat of Bihar MrManjhi was chosen as a replacement by Mr Kumar himself after the ringing lose last year in national election where they only managed to win two parliamentary seats.

Mr. Manjhi quit upon clear indication of losing the vote of confidence despite BJP’s support when he was asked to quit upon by his own party to smooth Mr. Kumar’s return and he denied. This move is motivated by the coming elections in Bihar by the end of this year.

Things have not been smooth between BJP and JDU after Mr. kumar aborted their long lasting alliance last year right before the election which resulted in the loss of JDU in national elections.