As per a team announcement on Sunday, Kevin Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder forward, had to go for a surgical procedure for the replacement of a screw in his right foot which he got injured in this season. He is likely to be sidelined for at least a week, the announcement added.

Durant had previously undergone surgery for the repair of his fractured foot on 16th October, and it compelled him to be out of action during the first month of that season. The screw fitted in his foot during October surgery had been troubling him for some time, and the doctor advised for its replacement. During this weekend, the old screw has been replaced with a new one, Sam Presti, Thunder general manager said in a statement. The progress will be evaluated after a week.  Thunder has not set a time limit for his return to action, but expects him to be back during the regular season including the game against Denver Nuggets on Sunday. Thunder is scheduled to play five games during the next eight days.

Presti added that there being an opportunity to do away with the soreness in the foot due to the screw,  it was decided to replace it with a new hardware. The foot after the replacement is improving fast and satisfactorily. Durant had experienced discomfort during the match against Dallas Mavericks which Thunder won. He has so far played in 27 of the 55 games played by Thunder this season. The team has a lead of 1½-game over the Phoenix Suns.